Widia Boring

Modern turning operations performed on numerically controlled machine tools and flexible production facilities call for highperformance tools offering straightforward design and versatility of application.

WIDIA offers an extensive range of holders for internal turning to meet the most exacting production demands across a broad spectrum of workpiece shapes and sizes. WIDIA boring bars, available not only with conventional steel shank but also with vibration-resistant carbide shank and coolant hole, guarantee turning results that mean high production reliability.

Clamping System S LR Boring Bars (Clamping System S)


Clamping System S LR Toolholders (Clamping System S)
Clamping System M LW Holders (Clamping System M)
Clamping System P LS Holders (Clamping System P)
Clamping System C KS Boring Bars (Clamping System C)
  Boring Bars for Ceramics
  Boring Bar Blanks