DNA (Dead Nuts Accurate!) Ultra-Precision ER16 Collets



Short tool life and poor performance of 1/4" and smaller carbide tools. ER collets 1/4" and smaller fail to provide consistent T.I.R. and high rigidity, thus increasing tool wear and driving up cost.


1. ER Collets 1/4" and smaller allow 40% of the collet to extend out of the collet pocket. This means 40% of the jaws surface area does not properly collapse on the tool shank because they are unsupported by the walls of the pocket.
2. Because so much of the collet is out of the pocket, when the ER nut contacts the shoulder of the collet, friction causes it to twist the jaws of the collet during tightening. This distorts the collet axis in the pocket, contributing to inconsistent T.I.R. (Refer to the diagram to see how DNA nut does not contact the collet shoulder.)
3. On ER collets 6mm diameter and smaller, the small jaws do not provide the holding force and rigidity on the shank necessary to produce acceptable T.I.R.



Use DNA collets for consistent T.I.R. and to extend tool life on all diameters under 6mm. DNA collets provide more shank support deeper into the pocket and greater rigidity than small diameter ER collet nuts.