Series SC Carbide End Mills

Features Benefits
Single end
Available in 2 & 3 flute
Available in stub, regular, medium, long, and extra-long lengths
High helix, double rake polished flutes
Radius, left hand, metric, and specials available on request
Runs 50-300% faster in aluminum
Leaves superior surface finishes
Better chip evacuation

The Swift-CARB CNC™ manufactured end mill is a high performance, high helix tool, which has tighter control and tolerances on circle ground margins, double rake polished flutes, and micro finishes. Increased speeds obtainable with Swift-CARB CNC™ allow you to remove material up to 10 times faster. This means increased productivity and higher profits off your shop floor. The Swift-CARB CNC™ End Mill is designed for slotting, profiling, and ramping at high speeds and feeds which makes it perfect for the machining of nonferrous materials (aluminum, plastics and copper alloys).