Metal Removal

Metal Removal Solid Carbide End Mills

High-Performance MASTERmill™ Series CS High Performance Solid Carbide End Mills for Steels and Stainless Steels

If you're serious about improving tool performance in your spindles, Metal Removal's Series CS end mills will help you reach your goal.

These finishers are designed to enable higher chip loads and feed rates when machining stainless steels to provide significantly higher metal-removal rates and increase productivity. In addition to stainless steels, Series CS also provides users excellent results in other difficult-to-machine workpiece materials, like Hastalloy, Waspalloy and Inconel. Ideal for pocketing, slotting, roughing, profiling, and finishing, Series CS end mills offer a wide selection of diameters and tool lengths.

They are available as standard in TiCN and TiAlN coatings.

  • 3-flute for slotting and roughing operations (Series CS-3, CS-3B)
  • 5-flute for profiling and finishing operations (Series CS-5)
  • Medium helix for freer cutting and better chip control
  • Reinforced core diameter for added strength
  • Special end geometry enables rapid chip evacuation in plunge cutting and ramping
  • Achieve greater than 50% increase in chip loads
  • Run at 20% to 40% heavier feed rates
  • Produce excellent surface finishes
  • 6-flute high-helix superfinisher for hard materials (Series CSF-6)

Available Styles:

Series End Geometry # of Flutes Coating
CS-3 Square w/ corner radius 3 uncoated, TICN, & TiAlN
CS-3B Ball 3 uncoated, TICN, & TiAlN
CS-5 Square 5 uncoated, TICN, & TiAlN
CSF-6 Square 4/6 uncoated, TICN, & TiAlN