Metal Removal

Metal Removal Solid Carbide End Mills

High-Performance MASTERmill™ Series CR Carbide Roughers for Steels and Aluminum

Put strength, speed, and raw power behind your machining with Metal Removal solid carbide roughers for steel and aluminum. These tools, proven to outperform conventional roughing methods, can raise productivity levels at the spindle and significantly lower production costs.

Made from a unique sub-micron grain carbide substrate, these roughers are designed to provide maximum metal removal rates with minimal chipping. A center cutting design and a special end geometry enable efficient plunging and ramping performance. The unique helix and rake form assure freer cutting and cleaner chip evacuation. Performance is improved by the form-ground eccentric relief that enables better edge strength and increased number of regrinds.

Available Styles:

Series Description

Designed with a special ground profile, a higher helix, and an appropriate flute form and core diameter for optimum chip evacuation in non-ferrous materials. These cutters provide excellent performance in aluminum, cast aluminum with high silicon content, brass, copper and light alloys.

  • 4-flute, square end
  • Regular and long lengths
  • Uncoated and TiCN-coated styles

The unique sinusoidal fine profile and tool geometry provide excellent machinability, and the capability to run machines at much higher spindle speeds than conventional HSS cutters in a wide range of hard materials. Excellent performance is assured on medium to high tensile strength steels, die and mold steels, stainless steels, and high-temperature alloys.

  • 4-flutes for most roughing applications
  • Available in stub and regular lengths
  • Available in TiCN or TiAlN coating