Metal Removal

Metal Removal Solid Carbide End Mills

High-Performance MASTERmill™ Series CA High Performance Solid Carbide End Mills for Aluminum and Non-Ferrous Materials

With the availability of higher spindle speeds from today's machines, choosing the right end mills becomes increasingly important. Metal Removal's Series CA tools can help you achieve the productivity you want from your machines. Conventional tools just don't do the job!

Specifically designed for machining aluminum, Series CA tools provide superior performance in slotting, profiling, and ramping operations while running at high SFM and feed rates. Using special substrate material and unique geometries, Series CA tools offer greater resistance to chipping compared to conventional carbide tools. This enables the tool and machine to achieve much higher overall metal removal rates.

Ideal for contouring aluminum, copper, and other non-ferrous materials, Series CA end mills ensure precision, enhance performance, and boost productivity. All inch size Series CA end mills are available in bright or TiCN coatings.

  • 2-flute styles for deep pocketing
  • 3-flute styles for high-volume metal removal rates and close tolerance slotting
  • High rake angle for faster chip flow
  • Concentric margins for stability during the machining process
  • Reduces chatter at high spindle speeds
  • Achieves excellent surface finishes
  • Provides extended tool life

Available Styles:

Series Inch/Metric Sizes End Geometry # of Flutes Length Coating
CA-2 Inch Square 2   uncoated, TICN
CA-2M Metric Square 2   uncoated
CA-2B Inch Ball 2   uncoated
CXA-2, CXA-2P Inch Square 2 Long reach uncoated, TICN
CXA-2B Inch Ball 2 Long reach uncoated, TICN
CA-3 Inch Square 3   uncoated, TICN
CA-3M Metric Square 3   uncoated