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Metal Removal Solid Carbide End Mills


High-Performance Maestro End Mills

Constant, unequal flute spacing provides chatter-free performance in your milling applications!

MaestroWith chatter-free machining, you can significantly increase your cutting parameters at lower costs per part without sacrificing tool life.

Maestro end mills give chatter-free machining thanks to the patent-pending flute design featuring unequal flute spacing. This design reduces resonance vibration on your machine and results in smooth, silent machining operations.

Give your milling applications the ONE-TWO punch! Use ONE tool instead of TWO in universal milling applications. No need for a rougher and a finisher with Maestro end mills.

Maestro end mills enable you to get the most out of your tool budget. They are easy to resharpen for extended use. The TiAlN (titanium aluminum nitride) coating protects the tool surface, and enables higher feeds and speeds. Tests show these finishers can deliver up to 200% more tool life than conventional high-performance tools.

Maestro end mills give outstanding surface finishes at high machining speeds in stainless steels, cast irons, high-temperature alloys, low carbon steels < 35HRc, and titanium. Maestro end mills can machine at more than 40% higher speed and feed rates than conventional high-performance tools in extreme conditions. The result? Faster throughput!

Maestro end mills are available in regular lengths and long-reach styles for hard-to-reach machining applications.

Available Styles

All tools are RH cut, RH helix, 4-flute, TiAlN coated

Series Notes Applications

CM-4 (with corner chamfer)

CM-4S (square corners)

Tools 1/2" and larger supplied with Weldon flats on shank

Metric sizes available as specials

Universal chatter-free machining in a wide variety of materials.

Use as both rougher and finisher.

Outstanding surface finishes at high machining speeds.

CMLS-4 (with corner chamfer)

CMLS-4S (square corners)

Extended-length shank for long, difficult-to-reach applications Universal chatter-free machining in a wide variety of materials with a long shank for difficult-to-reach applications.