Metal Removal Solid Carbide Drills

Metal Removal Series 283High Performance Series 283 and Series 285 Carbide Drills


  • HQS Drill Point2-flute, right-hand spiral, right-hand cut
  • Self-centering HQS point -- 140° 6-facet "S" gash with negative T-land (see right)
  • Series 283 short DIN 6537 length; Series 285 long DIN 6537 length
  • Common shanks
  • No through coolant (see Series 383 and 385 for the same drill with through coolant)
  • TiAlN coated standard; TiN coating available as a modification


  • Series 283 drills depth up to 3 x diameter; Series 285 drills depth up to 5 x diameter.
  • Self-centering HQS point produces superior hole quality.
  • Use in hardened steels > 30 Rc.
  • Use hydraulic holders or precision collets.
  • Use in applications where through coolant is not required; for the same drill with through coolant, see Series 383 and 385.