Widia GTD

Widia GTD (formerly Greenfield) EM-NI Series Spiral Point Gun® Taps


Features Recommended Applications
Special cobalt high vanadium premium steel
Unique spiral point Gun® flute geometry for tapping through holes
Available with SH-47 oxide/nitride and TiCN surface treatment
Neck design for CNC equipment
Plug chamfer
Nickel alloys, including Inconel, Waspalloy, and Hastelloy (oxide/nitride, TiCN)
Hardened steels and stainless steels > 275 Bhn (oxide/nitride, TiCN)
Mold steels (oxide/nitride, TiCN)
Tool steels (oxide/nitride, TiCN)


Series Description
8601 EM-NI Spiral Point Gun® Taps (Inch Sizes)
8651 EM-NI Spiral Point Gun® Taps (Metric Sizes)
8401 EM-NI STI Spiral Point Gun® Taps