Disston Industrial Saw Blades

Disston is committed to becoming the world's best manufacturer and supplier of industrial saw blades. Their manufacturing plant in South Deerfield, Massachusetts produces a broad line of saw blades and related accessories. They incorporate the most sophisticated state-of-the-art equipment backed up by quality control programs and procedures. This ensures the integrity of the Disston saw blade product.

Product Index

Air Saw Blades


Bandsaw Blades

  Aggressor Bi-Metal M1000 M42

  Aggressor Bi-Metal M2000 M42

  Aggressor Bi-Metal M3000 M42

  Aggressor Bi-Metal M4000 M42

  Aggressor Matrix II

  Aggressor Friction Carbon

  Aggressor Hardback Carbon

  Aggressor Flexback Carbon

  RemGrit Carbide Grit Edge

Circular Saw Blades


Hacksaw Blades

  Blu-Mol Bi-Metal

  Blu-Mol Flexible Carbon

  RemGrit Carbide Grit Edge

Hole Saws and Accessories

  Blu-Mol Xtreme Bi-Metal

  Blu-Mol Bi-Metal

  Blu-Mol Carbide-Tipped

  Blu-Mol Carbon Steel

  Blu-Mol Sheet Metal

  Blu-Mol Tungsten Carbide-Tipped Hole Cutters

  RemGrit Carbide Grit Edge

  Mandrels & Accessories

Jig Saw Blades

  Blue-Mol Bi-Metal

  Blu-Mol Carbon

  RemGrit Carbide Grit

Portable Bandsaw Blades


Reciprocating Saw Blades

  Aggressor Bi-Metal

  RemGrit Carbide Grit Edge

Rod Saw Blades

  RemGrit Carbide