Cleveland Twist Drill PM Plus Series 538 End Mills


What Users Say


Brek Manufacturing Co. - Gardena, CA

Roughing It The Easy Way—An Aerospace Job Shop Hogs Out 10,220 Lbs. of Aluminum in Half the Time With a New Cutting Tool

Sometimes it pays to be wrong, according to Gene Price, owner-president of Brek Manufacturing Co., a Gardena, CA job shop specializing in machining medium-to-large airframe parts for military and commercial aircraft. To his credit and profit Price learned this lesson about eight months ago when being proved wrong allowed his company to almost double its aluminum rough cutting speeds from 160 IPM to 300 IPM. [More...]

GEC Precision - Wellington, KS

“When I visited GEC Precision in Wellington, KS, they were using a competitive 3-flute end mill to rough aluminum 7075,” says Greenfield Applied Product Specialist Tom Doan. “They were using a 1,002 RPM speed and 15 IPM feed combination at that time. I introduced the PM Plus List #538 to them and suggested a 1,201 RPM and 25-1/2 IPM feed combination. GEC's productivity doubled with the PM Plus. Another thing that impressed GEC was that they noticed a significant reduction in thermal deformation.”

“The PM Plus List #538 is a much freer cutting tool,” says GEC Precision Manufacturing Technician Roger Snyder.


Precision Profiling, Inc. - Wichita, KS

When Greenfield Industries Applied Product Specialist Tom Doan walked into Precision Profiling, Inc., a Wichita, Kansas-based aircraft parts manufacturer, they were using a competitor's end mill. “Precision was taking 1-1/2 hours to finish a part using the competitor's product,” said Doan. “The same part took only 30 minutes with the PM Plus List #538.”

“I've seen everything that's come down the line,” says Precision Profiling's president Curtis Kempton. “But the PM Plus product is outstanding. We're very impressed with it.”